Art > Wrap it up! (2009) Post-thesis investigation

First, I laser-cut card stock and assembled the cut sheets. I then covered the assembled pieces in shellac. The buildings were then cast to create molds of the buildings. After the molds dried, slip clay was poured into the molds. The cast pieces were removed and left to dry. The buildings were then fired in a kiln to harden. After the first fire, the ceramic buildings were then coated with a commercial glaze and fired for a second time. After the second fire, the site images were printed on to transparent decal film using a laser printer. The decal was then soaked in warm water and applied to the ceramic buildings. The decal buildings were then fired at a low temperature for an oxidized look.

Laser cut forms coated in Shellac
Laser cut forms coated in Shellac
Card Stock and Shellac
August 2009