Academic > Relief Wall Panel (2009) Construction Systems Material Exploration

As part of a class exercise, we were asked to choose two materials, one structural and one non-structural, to make an object. The two materials I chose to explore were birch plywood and copper. My idea for incorporating both materials was to design a relief wall panel system that exhibited a wallpaper pattern.

The back of the panel was done using birch. I then adhered a copper plate onto the back. Next, I laser-cut a pattern derived from a wallpaper pattern and adhered it to the copper plate. Finally, I mitered two pieces of plywood on the back of the panel to add extra support. The end result is a panel that can be replicated to create a dynamic statement to a flat wall.

November 2008
Wall Panel
Birch Plywood and Copper
November 2008
Detail of Wall Panel
Birch plywood and Copper
November 2008
As an Installation
Digital Image
November 2008